Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is a time of great excitement, but also great tiredness and sometimes anxiety!

Our early pregnancy class provides newly expectant mothers-to-be with lots of useful information and advice to help you look after yourself during pregnancy and the opportunity to meet other mums to be in the area.

The session includes:

  1. Looking after yourself-nutrition and physical care for a healthy pregnancy.
  2. Changes during pregnancy-managing common symptoms and discomforts and sources of advice and treatment.
  3. Options for the birth-from home birth to private consultant care, and everything inbetween.
  4. About antenatal care and screening tests.
  5. Initial thoughts on infant feeding


The session is led by one of our experienced midwives, and gives plenty of opportunity to ask all your questions. You may attend anytime in early pregnancy but ideally from 10 weeks onwards.


The fee is £30 per person which is offset should you decide to book onto any of our future courses.