About Us

Midwife-led private classes, courses and consultations…

New Baby Company is run by midwife Vicki Scott and offers a variety of services to help prepare parents to be for their new arrival, and valuable professional support in the early days, weeks and months ahead.

Vicki is a midwife, breastfeeding adviser, sleep consultant, maternity nurse and nanny with 30 years professional experience working with new babies and their families.

The values which shape our courses and the support we have to offer our expectant and new parents are based in a firm belief that midwives are the ideal partner to prepare parents to be for a new baby’s arrival. And while we are thoroughly up to date we are great fans of good old fashioned, sensible, practical advice when it comes to preparing for birth and caring for the newborn. Let’s face it-the world is changing rapidly but babies are as they have always been.

New Baby Company is an independently run organisation whose courses are recommended by many of London’s highly regarded obstetricians offering  their private maternity clients professional, practical and friendly antenatal classes.

We are based in Wandsworth, South-West London, the centre of ‘Nappy Valley”, and offer private classes in your home or online. So wherever you are in London, the UK or the world we can help!

Our courses offer information and support for all types of birth whether the mum to be is planning for a natural drug-free birth or an elective caesarean section. We have a short course option for those couples having a planned Caesarean. Whichever type of delivery you are planning for, couples complete the course with an understanding of the process of birth and how to help themselves through it.

The course content goes on to cover topics such as baby feeding, what to expect and what a newborn’s need are, immunisations, growth and development, weaning, onto solids and teething. So, a comprehensive course full of vital information and building confidence over baby’s early weeks and months.

Postnatal services include newborn support, breast and bottle-feeding consultations, sleep advice and then moving on to weaning and Starting Solids. All services are provided at your home or online.

Call us for a chat about how we might be able to help, availability and what to expect from our courses.

Tel: 07960 611987 or email vicki@newbabycompany.com