Toddler Feeding

Are you about to enter the toddler stage and wondering how to move your child onto a more grown up diet? Or are you already there and finding out your child already has likes and dislikes and some rather interesting table manners??

Toddlers can be famously fussy and a little tricky when it comes to mealtimes and eating, but our evening course will help you stay one step ahead and tempt your little one with varied and interesting meals without becoming a slave in the kitchen!

The evening is a mix of theory and practice as you learn how to navigate your way through the second year and beyond, and then get your apron on to have a go at some fun and nutritious recipes for meal ideas your toddler will love-and you too.

The course covers:

  • Offering a good balance diet, and balancing food and milk intake
  • Your toddler’s nutritional needs for growth, energy and health
  • Meal planning and store cupboard essentials
  • How to mange your fussy eater or tricky to feed child
  • Recipe ideas for every meal
  • Tricks of the trade to make mealtimes less stressful.