Private One-to-One

Enjoy the privacy and convenience of a private antenatal class at your home for you and your partner

The real benefit of a one-to-one course is that it can be completely bespoke-created to ensure you cover the topics you are most interested in, and which are most relevant to you and your partner.

Our high-profile clients very often choose a private class at home due to the privacy and convenience this offers.

Below is a suggested two session course which covers all the topics covered in the main Birth & Beyond course.

Sessions can be held in a single day, over a weekend or a week or so apart. Depending on our midwives availability we can come to you at at time to suit you perfectly, during the day, in the evening or at weekends.

Session 1

The first session covers all you need to know about labour and birth –individualised to your own situation and plans for birth whether you are planning a drug-free natural labour, a planned caesarean section or in between!

  • All about labour and birth-how your body works in labour, how babies are delivered. Natural labour and birth explained. Pain relief options available.
  • Complications of labour, induction, assisted birth & caesarean section. Epidural and spinal pain relief.
  • How to help yourself to a natural and stress free labour and birth. Optimal positioning, relaxation, active birth, birthing pool, massage, alternative pain relief options including  TENS, hypnobirthing.

Session 2

  • Confident Feeding. This section covers –Breast feeding, expressing your milk, using bottles and use of baby feeding equipment.
  • Early days care and what to expect of your newborn: handling, soothing, dressing, bathing and skincare, safe sleeping guidelines, nappy care.
  • Simple Cycle of Newborn Management (this includes a very flexible, early days routine to guide you) and encouraging good sleep habits.

The following topics are not covered in a one to one course normally but you will receive the full course notes on these topics:

Post natal recovery (new mum and baby), starting a routine, checks and  immunisations, how to tell if baby is unwell, your baby’s development, travelling with baby, teething, when to start solids.

To discuss course content, or to book a course please contact Vicki Scott either: by telephone on 0208 785 3528 (office) or 07960 611987 (mobile) or please use our contact form and we will get back to you…