Antenatal Classes (6 weeks)

Our antenatal course is led by midwives and maternity consultants with plenty of practical experience with expectant and new parents, and provides full preparation for labour, birth (whatever type of birth you are planning) and the early days and weeks with your newborn baby.

There are 6 classes, 3 for couples, and 3 mums to be only, each of 2 hours. The course takes place at the Women’s Wellness Centre at 204 Fulham Road on Tuesday evenings  from 7.00-9.00pm.The course fee is £450 per couple.

Session 1

Getting ready for labour and your new baby. First signs of labour and when to go to hospital. What to do in the early stages of labour at home. How your body delivers your baby and what helps it to go smoothly.

Session 2

Active labour-what to expect, and how to help yourself through it Tips to help you mange your labour. Breathing and relaxation, positions, pain relief methods. Role of the birth partner-massage, accupressure.

Session 3

Epidural pain relief, labour interventions, assisted deliveries and caesarean section. Meeting your new baby, the first feed, your baby’s first few hours.

Session 4

Babycare -What to expect of your newborn, handling, soothing, dressing, bathing & skincare, SIDS prevention, nappy care.

Session 5

Confident Feeding-How to breastfeed your baby, how milk is made and how to tell your baby is getting enough milk. Expressing, using bottles and formula feeding-

Session 6

Our guide to newborn management-getting organised in the early days. Your postnatal recovery and life with a newborn.