A trip to the cinema with your baby

If you are looking for something to do now that the weather is turning chilly and it is starting to feel like winter. Why not a trip to the cinema? You can catch up on the new releases and take your babies along too. When my son was small and it was a miserable rainy day I loved a trip to the cinema with friends and their babies. All the little ones seemed to sleep throughout the majority of the film and we usually found time for a drink and chat afterwards to discuss the latest blockbuster.Cinema pic

You can take your baby with you and watch the latest films without worrying about disturbing everyone. With slightly reduced volume and low lighting (not total darkness) the cinemas create a good environment for both you and your baby. All films shown are rated 12A or lower.

If you are planning a trip to the cinema with your babies always remember a drink for you both, wet wipes for any spills in low lighting, a blanket (in case the air conditioning feels chilly) and your changing bag too. Most of all relax and enjoy yourselves while staying warm and dry!

Odeon Newbies is available on weekday mornings at Odeon, Wimbledon, Odeon Putney and many more. Check for details at http://odeon.co.uk/newbies

The Picture House in Clapham and Gate in Notting Hill offer the Big Scream parent and baby cinema screenings too. Check for details at http://www.picturehouse


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