Mum and Baby Swimming in Southfields/Wimbledon

Baby_swimming_swimming_rocksI recently got myself in trouble as I hadn’t let one of our lovely clients know about the fantastic baby swimming lessons on offer at my home in Wimbledon!

So, read on for information about the baby swimming classes AND our social swimming evenings for expectant and new mums…..

Swimway have been running their brilliant classes here since January 2014 and now offer two mornings a week baby swimming-Thursdays and Fridays. The classes are run by a highly experienced parent and baby teacher.

These classes are a great way to introduce your baby or toddler to swimming as well as being a fun social activity for you both. Through a series of different techniques the children will learn water confidence and safety, develop an understanding of water movement, breath control through submersion, floatation front/back, how to kick correctly and basic arm movement. The classes are progressive and more than anything a strong emphasis in the lessons will be for the little ones to have fun!


nbc-poolGroup sizes are small-a maximum of five babies and parents. The pool is warm-31 degrees-perfect for your baby’s first swimming experience and lovely for mum!

The group classes are half an hour long and are booked according to your baby’s age-6 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months and so on.

Feel free to call Vicki for a chat about starting swimming, or contact Swimway direct at

Coming soon….pregnancy and new mum swimming evenings! Towards the end of my pregnancies I loved a swim in the evenings -the feeling of weightlessness is lovely, and it really helped to relax my restless legs and have a better night sleep-all good!

The evenings are suitable for expectant and new mums, a unique way to meet up with your antenatal group friends each week, or for a real treat why not have the pool to yourself and invite your partner along to join you 🙂

More information, including dates, prices and photos to follow

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