Preparation for Birth – Confidence, Emotional Support and Friendship

Each week we are sharing one expectant mum’s own personal experiences of our Preparation for Birth course. Here’s Emma’s journey:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]I’m really excited to meet prospective mummies and learning new things when my class begins on Tuesday night![/quote]

Everyone’s made me feel like I’m super large for 26 weeks, so I’m hoping to compare and contrast with some other bumps, and the ladies attached to them!  There are five people in my class, and I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest; differences aside, however, we’re all in the same big boat, as prospective mothers. Ultimately, my main worry is that I won’t fit in- as well as being 24, my partner isn’t in the UK. I’ve been assured that antenatal classes are where you meet the people who will support you, and where I’ll gain a firm group of friends.

We’re all about to have our lives change forever, and the classes, hopefully, will help us prepare, as best we can, and get ready for all the painful procedures, and restless nights, we’re about to be thrown into 🙂

I’m excited to meet people and find out how they intend to continue with their pregnancies- are they still at work, are they doing special exercises… how have they found their pregnancies so far? It will be good to talk to the midwives in a group environment too. I think this really will help me decide how I want to go about my birthplan; compare and contrasting with other mummies, whilst receiving specialist advice and support, hopefully putting me in the best position possible for the journey ahead, and provide me with the confidence and emotional support, through friendship, that I need.

Emma starts her first class next week – find out how she got on…

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