Private Antenatal Classes at home or online

When should I do a class?     It’s recommended that you take antenatal classes at least 6 weeks before the baby is due (earlier than that if you’re expecting twins) Do make an enquiry earlier than this though as your ideal dates may get booked up (especially evenings and weekends)

What’s on the agenda?   Our courses offer information and support for all types of birth whether the mum to be is planning for a natural drug-free birth or an elective caesarean section. We have a short course option for those couples having a planned Caesarean.

Whichever type of delivery you are planning for, couples complete the course with an understanding of the process of birth and how to help themselves through it, as well as meeting other parents to be to share the journey with.

All classes are taught by clinically experienced midwives, preparing you for the birth as well as the life changes!. Information is evidence based, and course content is tailored to your particular needs.

Our live, online private classes can be either  ‘intensive’ style, over a single day or weekend, great for when time is short, you are booking late, or would prefer the bulk of the course on a weekend. Alternatively you may choose a weekly session to spread out the classes for a more relaxed pace.

Do feel free to call us for a chat so we can help you decide the best option for you .

Call Vicki on 07960 611987 or email

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