Choosing a nursing bra

One of the many hot topics at last nights antenatal class was when to buy a nursing bra. My favourites were the Elle McPherson range and they are still very popular-this week a very glamorous client was wearing the pink and mocha lace trim version which was lovely-not at all frumpy! The La Mere bra was my favourite and its still on sale 8 years later which is a good sign.

I advise clients to be fitted around 36-37 weeks and to buy say three of the ‘sleep type’ nursing bras as these will still fit in the days when your milk is coming in. Then, go and splash out on something a bit fancier after the first month or two as a treat when your breast size has settled down.

John Lewis has a great video to watch on when and how to get fitted. I do think its essential to get fitted rather than buy online. One of the ladies mentioned last night she’d bought three different bras in the same size and they were all different.

One more thing to add to the endless shopping list!




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